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Spiritual Meaning of Pus in a Dream

Have you ever found yourself dreaming vividly of thick, colourful and sometimes smelly pus? Pus isn’t a standalone symptom, but a sign that there is an infection that has been festering somewhere that wants out.

Dreams sure have a unique way of tossing into our minds the hidden spiritual messages and omens we should know, and dreaming of pus is one of those that leaves you unsettled and anxious when you wake up.

Let’s dive deeper into what the meaning of pus in your dream is spiritually, and how to best fit that interpretation to your current earthly and spiritual states.

Dreaming of Pus: Spiritual Meaning and Symbolism

Pus isn’t our favourite thing, but it comes from a good place of healing and purifying that which has been tainted. It also comes with pain and discomfort, looking all shades of ugly but in that pain will you find new growth and renewal.

Spiritually, pus means there’s something tainted somewhere but it’s time for it to go, either by our own will or that of the supreme powers. It could be a warning against danger or a signal of success and triumph against evil.

Therefore when pus appears in your dream, it could be a spiritual signal of injury, purification and healing which you’re unaware of. Perhaps some flaw in your psyche, relationship, job has allowed negativity to get in and it is gently wreaking havoc to your psyche.

This dream urges you to be involved in renewing yourself physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Pus as Sign of Spiritual Injury

Spiritual injury isn’t what anyone wants, but sometimes we deviate from the right purpose. Our subconscious is then redirected to pass on a message in the form of dreams and seeing pus is one of the symbols used.

Indeed, this serves as your warning against getting into more danger by taking steps to avoid negativity and evil and directing towards good and eternal success.

Pus in Dreams: Spiritual Sign of Purification and Healing

Ancient cultures and religions associate pus with healing and health after injury. Your dream about pus could be interpreted spiritually as a sign that you have gotten to the point of your breakthrough.

Perhaps you are losing hope because success seems like a daydream at this phase of your journey. This dream encourages you to carry on a bit more and beat the odds.

Pus Dreams: Symbolic of Exploitation and Danger

Sometimes, harm lies still and undetected before it suddenly strikes from the darkness. Not all dreams are the same and this is  just one of the possible spiritual meanings that pus has in a dream.

Beneath what seems to be a normal life is danger that’s waiting to take advantage of you, so fortify yourself to take this head on with the spiritual help you are getting. You may need to cut off relationships, quit a job or avoid toxic habits that have gone too far.


Squeezing Pus in a Dream

Squeezing abscesses and boils is painful and not pleasant, but it ensures healing when the build up has been expelled. When you’re done, the relief is immediate and healing follows.

If this happens in your dream, it may mean that you’re getting rid of pain and toxicity, taking a step in the right direction despite the pain and discomfort.

Seeing Pus in a Dream Meaning

A dream in which you see pus implies that some damage has already been done. It could be physical, emotional or spiritual challenges that have come to an end, even if it’s a painful one. Your feelings towards the pus are important because they tell you more about what to do.

If you did find relief or felt nonchalant towards pus, it’s a positive omen. If all you felt was pain and anxiety, then perhaps, the problem goes deeper than you realize and needs more work.


Pus Coming Out of Leg

This is a sign of loss of spiritual grounding and progress. Our legs take us places, literally, thus injury will stop you from moving forward.

Even small problems that seem insignificant can be a blockade to your spiritual journey.

Pus Coming out of Finger

Fingers are spiritually symbolic of vulnerability and fragility. This dream could also be a sign that you are seeking for help from your physical, emotional or spiritual burdens. Have you tried reaching out to people around you to let them know that you’re in need?

Pus coming out of ears

In shamanic traditions, ears are spiritual inlets for thoughts and opinions. Pus in your ear could symbolize clogging, blocking you from hearing and understanding what’s important.

Thus pus here symbolizes inner turmoil and imbalance, followed by an unconscious cleansing process that’s coming from within to purify you from polluting opinions, thoughts and criticism.

Pus Coming out of Eyes

Eyes are tools of sight and perception for spiritual access. What you see is what comes out for others to see too.

Pus coming out of eyes also means that you’re irritated by something you feel isn’t right.


Pus Coming out of Breast

Have you had a breast exam recently? Dreams can be a premonition from our higher selves to save us from bodily harm.

At the core of such dreams, breasts signify maternal love, nurturing and sexuality. When you dream of pus in such a sensitive area, it may be that you’re losing your ability for the feminine parts of you.

There are ways to get back in touch with the feminine side of yourself through the spiritual path you have chosen which you should seek.

Dream of Pus from a Wound

When pus starts coming out of a wound, it’s your signal that an infection has already settled much deeper than surface level of that wound.

Such dreams could mean that something is hurting you more than you realize, festering and giving room for more damage. It could be physical, a premonition of bodily harm.

The dream could also be a sign of need for reflection of your emotions, desires and psyche for negative energy.

Biblical Meaning of Pus in a Dream

This is spiritual attack by forces of darkness to steal your light and destiny. This can be done physically, mentally or in the spiritual realms where you have no power or control.

God is control everywhere and everytime, and that’s where you should fire up your attacks against that danger. Prayers and fasting would serve as your shield through His might.


Final Thoughts

Keep in mind that anytime you dream, it’s your own understanding of it as it applies to your past, present and future realities that’s most important.

Pus has significant spiritual meaning in dreams, but healing and purifying stand out. Such dreams could also signify a premonition for health issues you’ve been ignoring, or spiritual damage to your emotions and desires.

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