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Spiritual Meaning of White Chicken in a Dream

What could be the spiritual meaning of a white chicken in a dream? White is the colour that comes to mind when we think of goodness and light and purity, as opposed to black that is a bad omen.

Thus, white chickens have been used symbolically in ancient traditions to signify peace, love, light and new growth.  Chickens are also tough and resilient, signifying strength and endurance in turbulent times. Spiritual interpretation of dreams is a power gifted to a few by divine power.

Let’s use that to help you understand what your dream of white chicken means.

Spiritual Meaning of White Chicken in Dream

Dreaming of a white chicken is a spiritual symbolism of purity, innocence, goodness, positivity and light. It’s also been revealed to represent hope, good fortune, fertility and spiritual uplifting.

When we sleep, our minds are relaxed and free from earthly worries, and this gives room for divine inspiration about how we can use, change our situations for better through messages that are passed through dreams.

When you see a white chicken in a dream, don’t be hasty in reaching a conclusion. Remember that the same dream can have different messages depending on the where and what of it. You should also note how you felt within that dream, as that’s one of the top ways to instinctively know what spiritual meaning it has for you.

  • When you dream of buying or selling a white chicken, the spiritual meaning of this dream is symbolic is your need to give or receive goodness, particularly to those who are not close to you or have done you wrong. Are you feeling anxious about something between you and others? This is the time to forgive, set aside your differences and be of help to each other.
  • When you dream of a white chicken nesting or with eggs, this is symbolic of fertility and fortune. Chickens produce a lot of young ones, but they also have it in them to nurture and raise those younglings. This dreams means you’ve worked and you will soon reap the fruits of your labor.
  • When you dream of a white chicken dying, it’s a sign of spiritual decay  and attack. A peaceful death is a sign that you’ve got to put an end to an affair that has been troubling you, but a violent dream that leaves you feeling anxious, worried or even fearful is a need for concern. Rise up and seek spiritual protection against dark forces and attacks.

Spiritual Meaning of White Chicken in Islam

White is the favorite colour in Islam, a sign of light and hope and spiritual cleanliness. A white chicken in a dream for you practicing Islam is a sign that you may be drifting away from goodness. Chickens get easily distracted, but are still highly regarded in Islam.

Going back to the Quran and Sunnah will help relax your fears and anxiety that prompted this dream. Also know that whatever you may be going through, Allah has promised to always provide help for believers.

Final Thoughts

Dreaming of white chicken usually means good for you spiritually. They are associated with purity, sacrifice, innocence, hope, life and fortune.

Chickens are also resilient creatures that also provide nourishment and often, companionship for us. Another spiritual meaning of white chicken in a dream could point to a need for a better spiritual environment for your soul.

If you had negative feelings and emotions of fear, anxiety and confusion on the dream, this may mean that you’re going to need to be more careful by assessing your earthly and spiritual life for anything that is tainting or attacking you.

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