“For all the women in the world, who carry within them the virtue of eternity.” (From the book Machu Pijchu Forever)

Even if were declared in our societies the celebrations for the day of women or mothers day, I see that these days of celebrations, need to be every day, because they represent Pachamama and we should honor Mother Earth as our daughters, our sisters, our lovers, our wife and sure our own mother.
Mallku Aribalo


“Nature is God’s temple, the woman is the sanctuary that sanctifies the temple. Who honors God in a woman does not need to go to any temple. To discover the mysteries of divinity, we must penetrate the heart of a woman, because when God emanated from its essence the nature, dwelled in her heart. Who does not love a woman, does not know how to love God. He who does not mix his essence with a woman can not beget anything, not for himself or for others.

The man is the mind that thinks, she is the intuition, thinking is to have a brain, intuition is to have the heart; the brain works, the heart creates. The man throws his thunderbolt as Jupiter, Minerva woman pours wisdom; him the strength and power, she advice and foresight; the force conquers, wisdom seduces. He change the frowns and triggers the storm, she smiles kindly and calms the storm. He wants to destroy with revenge, she forgives with clemency. The man is fire, and a woman is the one who maintains the sacred fire. The gods speak through the mouth of a woman and wake up in the hard heart of a man the most tender feelings. The rule of man is despotism, the woman is the sweetness, the despotism hardens the heart, the sweetness softens it. He orders, she seduces; he is the tyrant, she is the brake modeling that impulse. The error of a man is amended by the tears of a woman. There is not anger that may be revealed before a tear shed for a beloved woman. The dew drops enliven the withered petals of a flower, and the smiles of a woman raised the dead qualities in the man’s heart. If you are a man, you may ascend in your divinity with a woman, if you are God you may become a human for her. She is the path in the way and also the path back. The man is deified in a woman, she manifests the divinity for himself.

In trouble, man is inclined to take a woman as his confident, and she with her spiritual softness is the best counselor and nurse, her words are a source of relief, her hands health springs, and from her charming smile exudes serenity and value.

The word coming down from the brain, wounds; the ascended word from the heart cures. The woman’s heart is the well of wisdom, genius is one who drinks from her waters. The doubts and every penalty, flee in the presence of the beloved woman. Are you suffering?, go to women, they are the consolation of your afflicted heart and mind. Are you sick?, she is the health of patients. Are you a sinner?, the woman is the refuge of sinners. Are you impure?, wash in the tears of women and be clean. She is the divine art who does not imitate, but explains the divinity in symbols. She is the highest beauty of God, love manifest her, the simple desire can kill her. A woman is the most beautiful of all thought, to be grasped by intelligence, not just seen through the eyes. The woman is the law of beauty and the law must be obeyed and not violated. She is the art of nature whose morale must be felt and not with words stammered. God is a mystery word and woman is its meaning. To know God we must know herself, to study nature is to discover a woman. Man needs a woman for his freedom. She is the powerful support upon which man can lift the world.”



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